• New Singapore visa for top tech talent

    Singapore visa for top tech talent

    The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of technology to everyday life. With a huge increase in the number of people working from home, companies have had to quickly adapt to this new way of working. Not only this, but social interaction during the pandemic has relied on technologi...

  • Singapore Tourist Visa

    Singapore Tourist Visa

    Every year, around 18 million visitors reach Singapore. That is more than 3 times the local population. To accommodate the needs of international travellers, Singapore has several visa options available. Individuals wishing to enter Singapore should assess their own visa circumstances taking...

  • Border malaysia-singapore

    Crossing the border between Malaysia and Singapore

    There are 2 border crossings between Singapore and Malaysia. The Johor–Singapore Causeway and the Second Link. To cross from Malaysia into Singapore, visitors need a valid passport, Singapore Arrival Card (SGAC) and, where relevant, a visa. Information about crossing the Malaysia to Sing...