Singapore Entry Requirements for Canadians Citizens

Tourist Visa Needed


(for stays of up to 30 days)

Arrival Card Needed


What Canadians need to enter to Singapore

To travel to Singapore, Canadian citizens need a Singapore Arrival Card (SGAC). The digital document is mandatory for all foreign visitors.

Some Canadian passport holders also need a visa for Singapore.

Canadians can find out what they need to visit Singapore, and how to apply, in this complete guide.

Do Canadians need a Singapore visa?

Canadian citizens can visit Singapore without a visa for up to 30 days.

To stay for longer than one month, Canadians need to apply for a visa at a Singapore embassy or consulate. Canadians who wish to work or study in Singapore will also need a visa.

Whilst many Canadians can visit Singapore without a visa, all Canadians need a Singapore Arrival Card. Fortunately, it takes just a few minutes to register for the SGAC online.

The SG Arrival Card is not a visa. Canadians who need a visa for their trip must apply for both the SG Arrival Card and a visa. Visa-exempt Canadian tourists only need a Singapore Arrival Card.

Singapore Arrival Card for Canadian citizens

The SG Arrival Card replaced the paper-based Disembarkation/Embarkation (D/E) Card for Singapore. All Canadian now need a digital arrival card to enter Singapore.

Important information about the Singapore Arrival Card for Canadians:

  • Single entry—a new application must be made before each trip
  • Valid at all ports of entry—air, sea, and land
  • Required for all lengths of stay and purposes of travel

Note that Canadians who are part of the Singapore Frequent Traveller Programme are also required to hold an SG Arrival Card.

How to apply for a SG Arrival Card as a Canadian citizens

It’s quick and easy to apply for a Singapore Arrival Card from Canada. The process is 100% online with no need to attend an embassy or consulate.

Canadians can get the arrival card online in 3 steps:

  • Fill out the SG Arrival Card application form

  • Pay the SGAC fees and submit the request

  • Receive the approved SG Arrival Card by email

Canadians should submit their SGAC application within 3 days of arriving in Singapore. Most applications made from Canada are approved immediately.

Singapore Arrival Card requirements for Canadians

Canadians need just a few items to successfully complete the SG Arrival Card application:

  • Canadian passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of arrival in Singapore
  • Email address for all notifications and to receive the approved SGAC
  • Debit or credit card to pay the online arrival card fee

With these items on hand, Canadians can get started with the online SGAC registration.

Complete the SG Arrival Card application form from Canada

Canadians can complete the process from a smartphone, tablet, computer, or another device with internet access.

Travellers are required to provide Singapore Immigration with the following information:

Passport data

  • Passport number
  • Passport expiry date

Travel information

  • Date of arrival in Singapore
  • Mode of transport
  • Accommodation details

Personal details

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Contact email address and telephone number

The SG Arrival Card also serves as a health declaration for Canadians travelling to Singapore. It makes Singapore an even safer destination for Canadian tourists.

Information provided must match the passport exactly. The Arrival Card is linked to the passport, Canadians must apply for the SGAC and travel to Singapore using the same travel document.

Embassy Registration for Canadian Citizens in Singapore

Canadian citizens travelling in Singapore can now register with their nearest embassy.

By enrolling with the Canadian Embassy in Singapore, visitors will be better prepared in an emergency. Registered Canadian citizens will:

  • Be sent important safety and security updates about Singapore
  • Receive information and advice in an emergency such as a natural disaster
  • Be quickly notified if there is a family emergency back home

Canadians are strongly advised to enrol with their nearest embassy when abroad for increased security and greater peace of mind.

Citizens of Canada can register with the embassy when processing their visa. Simply select the ‘Register at the Canadian Embassy’ on the payment page to opt-in.

Other Singapore entry requirements for Canadians

Canadians need to meet all of Singapore’s entry requirements to travel to the country. This includes having a Singapore Arrival Card and a Canadian passport.

Before travelling to Singapore Canadians must

  • Check their passport is valid for 6 months from arrival date
  • Obtain an SG Arrival Card
  • Apply for a Singapore visa (if staying for longer than 30 days/to work, study, live)

On arrival in Singapore, Canadians need

  • Canadian passport valid for at least 6 months
  • SG Arrival Card
  • Return/onward travel tickets
  • Evidence of sufficient funds for the trip
  • Relevant vaccination certificates