Singapore Entry Requirements for US Citizens

Tourist Visa Needed


(for stays of up to 90 days)

Arrival Card Needed


SG Arrival Card for citizens of the United States

The Singapore Arrival Card (SGAC) was launched in 2019 and is an entry requirement for all foreigners travelling to Singapore, including US citizens. The SGAC is a new generation of travel document that has replaced the paper-based Disembarkation/Embarkation Card, which is no longer available for Singapore.

The arrival card to visit Singapore is an e-service that allows foreign nationals to provide the Singaporean government with essential travel and identity information before they reach the country. The application process is done entirely online in a matter of minutes and does not require a visit to a Singapore embassy or consulate.

When do US citizens need an Arrival Card to visit Singapore?

Although most US citizens do not need a visa to enter the country, anyone travelling to Singapore is still required to obtain an SG Arrival Card. The SGAC can be used at any port of entry to Singapore.

US passport holders can visit Singapore visa-free for a maximum duration of 90 days. If they wish to reside, work, or study in Singapore, US citizens must obtain a Singapore visa from the nearest embassy or consulate. It is important to keep in mind that the SGAC for US nationals is not a visa and cannot be used like one.

SG Arrival Card's entry requirements for the United States

The documentation required in order to obtain an SG Arrival Card as a US citizen is minimal. It includes the following:

  • A completed Singapore **arrival card application form**
  • A US passport valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of arrival in Singapore
  • An **active email address** for receiving communication regarding the Singapore tourist card for the United States
  • An unexpired debit or credit card that is authorised for online payments to pay for the Singapore Arrival Card processing fee.

In some cases, additional documentation such as return tickets or other proof of onward travel, evidence of sufficient financial funds to cover the stay in Singapore, and proof of vaccines may be needed. This is decided on a case to case basis. Because the SGAC application is done entirely online, US applicants must also have a stable internet connection and access to a device from which they can apply such as a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

US passport details when applying for a Singapore Arrival Card

Nationals of the United States must note that it is mandatory to travel to Singapore with the same passport used for the application. The Arrival Card is directly linked to the passport, and if the passport number in the two documents is different, the SGAC may be denied. If a traveller’s passport expires before their SGAC, they will have to apply for a new Singapore arrival card once they renew the passport. This also applies to dual citizens: they have to apply for an SGAC with the same passport that they will use for travelling to Singapore. Should a US visitor present a different passport at the border, their Singapore Arrival Card might be deemed invalid and they may be refused entry.

What is the Singapore Arrival Card application process for US travellers?

Travellers who meet all the SGAC entry requirements for the United States can proceed to fill in the Singapore Arrival Card application form online. Although anyone can assist other family members or friends in completing the application form, each US traveller, including minors, must submit an individual form. The US applicants are asked to provide:

  • Personal details (name, gender, nationality, date and place of birth, home address, contact information, and travel plans)
  • Essential passport information (passport country, passport number, and dates of issue and expiry of the passport)
  • Health declaration.

It is essential that the information in the application form is truthful and error-free, otherwise, the SGAC may be delayed and in some cases refused.

Before they can submit the form, US applicants need to pay for the Singapore Arrival Card processing fee. All major debit and credit cards are accepted as payment methods. Payment is done through a secure online payment system.

The approval will be received by email and can be presented in its electronic form at the port of entry in Singapore, along with the applicant’s US passport.

The SGAC processing time is in most cases less than 24 hours. US citizens are advised to apply for an SG Arrival Card at least 5 days before travelling to Singapore to account for any delays due to public holidays and missing or erroneous information. Applicants from the US should note that although the SG Arrival Card is a mandatory entry document for visitors from the United States, it does not grant permission to enter Singapore. The final decision is at the sole discretion of the immigration officer at the Singapore border, although if all the information provided is correct and matches the one of the travel documents, it is unlikely that any issue arises.